Ogwadeni:deo ~ Taking Care of Our Own

Our Team is moving along as best we can during the Covid-19. Beginning Monday April 27th, 2020 some of the OGD staff will be returning back to work and practicing social distancing while in the office. I am pleased to say that when you call in now, you will reach the Receptionist who will be answering your calls from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. throughout the week.

It has come to my attention that clarification is requested around certain terms in the Child Welfare field. Ogwadeni:deo has families that provide the following: Kin Service This is a process that allows our child(ren), whose parent(s) may be experiencing difficulty in their ability to care for the child(ren), to go to other members within the family. It is a way to keep our child(ren) in community with family and/or other relatives where possible. Safety, permanency and well-being are maintained for the child(ren) with culture, tradition and love (Ganohkwa) in place. As part of this process of keeping children within their family, OGD needs to do some assessments of the home the child is going to as well as people living in the home,18yrs and older. We look at criminal and child welfare record checks. We speak with the family members living in the home and the child going to the home. Please do not disregard yourself if you had a previous child welfare file or criminal file. It all depends on the circumstances, the incident and how long ago.

Kin Out of Care The child(ren) is not deemed to be in care of OGD. If you are approved to be a Kin out of care provider, you will not receive a financial supplement. If there were however things needed for your home such as fire alarms, a bed or clothing for the child(ren) we will assist you. Depending on the circumstance and possible length of time the child(ren) are with you, you could apply for the Child Tax Benefit and a supplement from Ontario Workers. You will have an Alternate Care Worker working alongside you. A Family Support Worker will be working with the family towards the return of the child.

Kin In Care Kin In Care is driven by the protection needs of the child(ren) and are in care of OGD, which may entail court proceedings. The care provider here will receive financial assistance, similar to foster care. The expectation here will be that you will also take Kotinonha training, which reflects our culture and understand the cultural safety of our children. It is a twelve session program. You will also have an Alternate Care Worker, the child(ren) will have a Child Support Worker and the parent(s) will have a Family Support Worker. These team of workers share a common goal of reunification; we all work towards the return of the child(ren) back home.

Thank you for your interest. Let us remember each and every childs safety is paramount! Carol Burke, Interim Director
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