Taking Care of Our Own



Our Agency is built to reflect Values and Principles based on the Traditions of the Haudenosaunee

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Ogwadeni:deo Staff - 519-445-1864

Senior Staff

Sherry Lee Lickers, Director (Acting), ext. 4506

Darryl Deroches, Manager of Services, ext. 4529

Duane Jacobs, Legal Councillor, ext. 4516

Nora Green, Executive Administrator, ext. 4512

Tammy Hill, Cultural Advisor/Coordinator, ext. 4524


Betty Decaire, Unit Assistant, ext. 4558

Brenda Greene, Unit Assistant, ext. 4515

Cam Bomberry, Transition Planning Coordinator, ext. 4521

Jennifer Murdock, Executive Assistant, ext. 4502

Ken McNaughton, Maintenance, ext. 4518

Kristen Staats, Reception/Filing Clerk, ext. 4500

Marcia Jo Johnson, Administrative Assistant, ext. 4503/h3>

Rebecca Olsen, I.T. Support Systems Administrator, ext. 4504/h3>

Victoria Sandy, Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk, ext. 4509/h3>

Alternative Care Team

Bernadette Maracle, ACRT Leader, ext. 4526

Beverley Gibson, ACRT Member, ext. 4519

Bev Longboat, Support Team Mentor, ext. 4514

Debora Martin, ACRT Member, ext. 4575

Janie Jamieson, Alternative Care Resource Team Member, ext. 4508

Julia Jamieson, Alternative Care Resource Team Member, ext. 4510

Lyndsay King, Alternative Care Resource Team Member, ext. 4559

Michelle "Elle" Froman, Alternative Care Resource Team Member, ext. 4572

Warren Hill, ACRT Member, ext. 4517

Support Team

Carly Vyse, Support Team Leader, 4541

Carol Summers, Support Team Member, 4528

Charity Neuert, Support Team Member, 4561

Connie Hill, Support Team Member, ext. 4560

Danielle Glass, Support Team Member, ext. 4555

Delby Powless, Support Team Member

Dion Jonathan, Support Team Member, ext. 4552

Earla Hill, Support Team Member, ext. 4513

Gail Laforme, Support Team Member, ext. 4530

Jeannie Sherry, Support Team Member, ext. 4507

Leanna Bomberry, Support Team Member, ext. 4553

Margaret Keye, Support Team Leader, ext. 4523

Nicole Maracle, Support Team Member, ext. 4554

Roger Vyse, Support Team Member, ext. 4557

Tanya Thomas-Elliott, Support Team Member, ext. 4522

Teesha Mitchell, Support Team Member

Valerie Hopkins, Support Team Member, ext. 4556

O GWADENI:DEO "Taking Care of Our Own"

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