Public Works Notice RE: Bridge No. 7 (Chiefswood Road Bridge Between 3rd & 4th Line) – NOW OPEN

A Thank You:
We would like to thank the community for your patience and understanding while we worked to ensure the safety of this structure for now and the future generations to come.

  • Indigenous Services Canada provided over 2 million dollars and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario provided $400,000.00 to fully fund this project.
  • Approx. $20,000 was spent on local trucking companies.
  • This project created local employment through Grand River Employment and Training.
  • The elevation of the structure and the approaching road were raised above projected large storm flood levels.
  • A sidewalk has been added on the west side for pedestrian safety.

Did you know:

Six Nations Public Works coordinates inspections of all of the bridges and cross culverts in Six Nations every 2 years. We then work with Indigenous Services Canada and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario to fund any recommended work for the structures within the timelines set out by these inspections to ensure community safety.

What’s next?

We will be replacing a cross culvert located on Onondaga Road between 3rd and 4th Line. This project is currently in design which is funded by Indigenous Services Canada.