SN Wildlife Office: Information on Cougar Sightings, Conservation & Safety

Mountain Lion (Cougar)Puma concolor

Cougars are considered Endangered in Ontario and facing imminent extinction or extirpation as of 2008. There have been occasional sightings of cougars in Southern Ontario. Cougars have an important role in the ecosystem as a keystone species and prevent overgrazing from large herbivores in the environment. In areas where Cougars have been eradicated, there is less biodiversity and worse ecological health.

General Cougar Safety Advice

  • Cougars tend to be shy around humans. If you see a Cougar, stay calm, try to make yourself look as large as possible by waving your arms slowly above your head.
  • Keep children close and keep dogs on leash.
  • Back away slowly, but do not turn your back on the animal. DO NOT RUN.
  • Give the cougar room to escape.

Cougars have a wide range and tend to inhabit remote, forested areas with little human activity, but tend to be more active at dawn and dusk.

Please report any cougar sightings on Six Nations to the Wildlife Office at for conservation purposes.