Enrollment Allowance for High School Students

(formerly known as Attendance Allowance)

Six Nations Band members enrolled in a high school in Brant County, Norfolk County or Haldimand County are eligible for Enrollment Allowance (dating back to September 2021).

What has Changed?

Enrollment Allowance (formerly Attendance Allowance) is no longer based on attendance. Students are eligible to receive their allowance (via Direct Deposit) as long as they are enrolled in high school and obtain passing grades.

How to Receive Enrollment Allowance:

Enrollment Allowance can be obtained (via Direct Deposit only – cheques will no longer be issued) by submitting a completed EFT form & void cheque. It is given out in December, April & June of each year ($50 per month).

EFT Forms can be found at: sixnations.ca For further inquiries & more information, please contact Rebecca McComber 519-445-2201 (Ext. 3224)