Do you agree with Canada’s proposed changes to Indigenous health legislation

We want to know if you agree with Canada’s proposed changes to Indigenous health legislation.

Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council seeks your input before outlining our community’s position to Canada regarding the proposed health legislation.

Watch this video to learn more about the legislation:

Here is how it will affect the delivery of health and wellness services at Six Nations of the Grand River:

  • This legislation will likely change the way health and wellness services are funded (funding models and formulas) and therefore delivered in the community
  • This broad “Indigenous” health legislation is also very likely to be pan-Indigenous. This approach fails to recognize that Six Nations community needs and experiences may be different than the other Indigenous communities across Canada
  • Jurisdictional issues for health and wellness services. Health is complicated when it comes to jurisdiction because it is considered a provincial matter, but Indigenous people are considered a federal matter.

To share your opinion, please visit:

Contact Clair Pietron, Strategic Advisor and Systems Analyst at 519-761-1368 to book an appointment to collect feedback or to reach out with any questions you may have.