On Tuesday, June 25, and Wednesday, June 26, 2024, Kayanase removed a tall grass prairie near the Pauline Johnson Museum to repurpose the space for future projects and programming. The Chiefswood Board of Trustees was the first to know about this project in October 2023. After accessing the area with Archaeological firm Archaeological Consultants Canada and Kayanase, it became evident that the tall grass prairie needed proper maintenance. The project was set to be completed in April-May 2024, but due to weather conditions, it was rescheduled for June 2024.

The project was a collaboration between Kayanase and SNGR departments, including Lands and Resources and Six Nations Tourism. The tall grass prairie had trees and other plants that wouldn’t naturally grow there due to the lack of a prescribed burn for several years.

Six Nations Tourism worked closely with Kayanase to evaluate all plants and seeds in the tall grass prairie for native species. The Kayanase team came on two separate occasions and collected the native species to be transplanted elsewhere.

The restoration efforts aim to preserve the authenticity and historical significance of the Chiefswood National Historic Site while enhancing its ecological value in preserving our shared heritage. Further updates about this space will be provided as they become available.