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Social Services - Child Care Services - Stoneridge Day Care
Stoneridge Day Care:

  • Provincially licensed, integrated service with Six Nations Council being the official license holder.

  • Program and routines have been established to reflect the requirements of the Day’s Nursery Act and our culture and heritage, which includes active and quiet, group and individual and developmentally appropriate to all areas of child

  • Children will be given the opportunity to participate in daily programs to stimulate curiosity, encourages self-help, culture, decision making and problem solving and the desire to learn

  • To provide individual programs for children with special needs.

  • To work with community agencies to provide care / support / enrichment for children who may be at risk.

  • To act as a training centre for high schools and public schools to encourage students into the field of ECE.

Stoneridge Day Care Centre Phone Number: 519-445-0884

Stoneridge Day Care Centre Fax Number: 519-445-0889

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