OSTTC Longhouse Ganǫsa’ǫ:weh Consumed by Fire

This afternoon, Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services (SNFES) were called to a structure fire on Highway 54 near Chiefswood Road. Upon arriving at the scene, the Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre Longhouse was engulfed in flames.

Fire crews were able to extinguish the fire shortly after arriving; however, the damage to the Longhouse was extensive. No one was injured in the blaze, as there were no staff or visitors present at the time. SNFES has advised that due to the extent of the damage, it will be difficult to determine the cause of the fire at this time. Grand River Employment and Training Inc. will continue to work with SNFES and Six Nations Police as the investigation continues.

“I want to thank the community for their outpouring of support at this difficult time,” said Erin Monture, CEO of Business Opportunities for Grand River Employment and Training Inc. “We are thankful that nobody was harmed, and we are also grateful to Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services, Six Nations Police, and Six Nations Paramedic Services for their timely response. Although this is an unfortunate situation, we are already committed to continuing the important work of keeping our culture and traditions alive.”

“I was devastated to hear of the fire at the GRETI/OSTTC Longhouse”, said Chief Mark Hill upon visiting the site shortly after the news broke. “This was a key part of our community’s efforts to preserve our traditions and teachings for coming generations. Our community knows how to rebuild, and it is important everyone knows how much we value our history and our common culture.”

Six Nations of the Grand River and Grand River Employment and Training Inc. would like to thank the community for their overwhelming support and everyone who has reached out to express their sympathy. SNGR and GRETI would also like to commend local fire, police, and paramedics for their quick response and thank them for their bravery.

Further updates will be provided to the community as they become available.