November 2022 Community Update: Kentyohkwa Structure Mid-Term Report

For approximately nine weeks, Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC) has been in a preliminary study period for the Kentyohkwa Structure, which was approved via a Band Council Resolution (BCR) on September 6, 2022. An announcement was released to the community in September to explain the changes under the new governance structure and what it meant for community members. To view the September 2022 community announcement , please click here.

On October 24, 2022, the SNGREC passed a motion extending the preliminary study period, which was scheduled to end on October 31, 2022.  The motion to extend the study period to December 16, 2022, was based on the information and analysis provided within the Kentyohkwa Structure Mid-Term Report. A key finding of the report was the limitations of proper analysis due to the short length of the preliminary study period.  Further key findings included recommendations for process changes to address administrative limitations as well as the initial feeling of disconnectedness of some of the Six Nations Elected Councillors under this broader advocacy-driven structure. Elected Council and members of the Senior Administration Team (SAT) were provided with an opportunity to participate in an eleven-question survey for the completion of the mid-term report. The focus of the survey was to determine their experience with the process changes to date; in particular, their experience with no longer having committee meetings.

The survey found that overall, SNGREC and SAT agreed that the process changes were positive and could result in long-term benefits, and that the changes allowed Council to address issues more quickly. The report findings will result in further process changes to better address the needs of the SNGREC in their political advocacy activities. 

Upon the conclusion of the preliminary study period in December, a final report will be submitted to the SNGREC, and an update will be provided on the status of the Kentyohkwa Structure moving forward.

Feedback and questions from community members are encouraged and appreciated as we continue to assess and adjust this new governance structure throughout the remainder of the preliminary study period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the preliminary study period extended?

The preliminary study period was extended to give Elected Council and the Senior Administrative team more time to properly assess the effectiveness of the Kentyohkwa Structure. The study period has been extended for approximately six weeks and is scheduled to end on December 16, 2022.

What has changed since the beginning of the preliminary study period?

Since the commencement of the preliminary study period on September 6, 2022, committee meetings have been placed on hiatus and all items on committee agendas have been transitioned to the appropriate full Council agenda. Furthermore, an additional Political Liaison meeting has been added, giving Councillors more time to discuss agenda items.

Can I still get in contact with my Councillor if I have a question or concern?

The addition of the new position of Yerihwahrón:kas (They Hear the Matters) has generated some questions among community members regarding whether they can reach out to Councillors with any concerns.

Community members are encouraged to contact any Councillor if they have a question, concern, or want to bring a topic to the attention of Council. Contact information for Councillors can be found at

The addition of Yerihwahrón:kas is simply another avenue for community members to have their concerns heard. Yerihwahrón:kas works collaboratively with Elected Council, Directors, and managers to analyze concerns and determine how to address and resolve them. Community members can contact Yerihwahrón:kas by emailing

Is Six Nations becoming a municipality?

No, Six Nations has no intention of becoming a municipality.

What happens after the study period ends?

After the completion of the study period on December 16, feedback will be gathered from Councillors and SAT and the findings will be presented in a final report. The final decision on whether to proceed with the Kentyohkwa Structure will lie with Council.

Are Council meetings being conducted virtually or in-person?

Council meetings are currently being held on a hybrid basis with meetings still being conducted via Zoom as some Councillors choose to join virtually while others meet in the Council Chambers. Those Councillors who meet in-person still join the Zoom meeting online so that the full discussion can be livestreamed on our Facebook page. Community members are welcome to attend meetings in the Council Chambers if they wish, however full Council may not be present.

How do I submit a topic to get on the Council agenda?

The process to get on the Council agenda remains the same under the Kentyohkwa Structure. If you are interested in placing an item on the agenda, please reach out to or or stop by the front desk at Central Administration to obtain a form.