Lands & Resources

Lands & Resources

In 1784, Captain General Frederick Haldimand, Governor in Chief of what is now Ontario and Quebec, signed a proclamation granting territories to the Six Nations of the Grand River peoples as a reward for their support for the British cause in the American Revolution and as compensation for lands they lost on the American side. This grant of land covered roughly 385,000 hectares. The land base of Six Nations today is 18,000 hectares. Six Nations is engaged in an ongoing litigation against the Crowns Canada and Ontario for a general accounting of Six Nations’ lands and money.


The Six Nations Court Case is now moving forward, for documents associated with the court case or any type of further developments please visit:



Six Nations Lands & Resources
2498 Chiefswood Road
(Corner of Highway 54 and Pauline Johnson Road, located in the Six Nations Tourism Building)

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