Six Nations Veteran Awarded First USS Arizona Medal of Freedom

On June 23, 2022, Six Nations veteran Welby (Ike) Isaacs was awarded the first USS Arizona Medal of Freedom in Hamilton. Mr. Isaacs, who joined the armed forces in 1959, is the oldest living veteran from Six Nations.

The USS Arizona Medal of Freedom was introduced this year and the medals were constructed using steel that was salvaged from the ship, which sank in 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The medals are being given and sold by the Lauren F. Bruner USS Arizona Memorial Foundation to recognize those who make a difference and to help preserve history.

Mr. Isaacs was awarded the medal in appreciation of his military service and to honour the six Canadian crew members that served aboard the Arizona.

Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council would like to recognize and commend Mr. Isaacs for his military service and congratulate him on being awarded the USS Arizona Medal of Freedom. Six Nations has a rich history of brave men and women serving in the military, and we continue to honour and remember the sacrifices of all those who serve, past and present.