The Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council focus on priorities that reflect the traditional values of the Haudenosaunee people:

Below are some of the Key Issues that flow from these priorities and drive our day-to-day activities. 

  • Built Environment – Upgrade Internet

    Community departments use outdated fibre optics and internet access is not consistent across the community. Fibre upgrades are costed but require resources. We plan to increase access for community members. This issue is currently in the planning stage.

  • Community – Membership

    In growing numbers, people from all over the world are seeking to reclaim their Haudenosaunee heritage. The process of applying for citizenship in Six Nations of the Grand River is complex, involving SNGR and the Canadian federal government. SNGR offers and recommends administrative support to complete this process.

    For more information visit:
    Lands & Membership Department

  • Culture – Language Preservation

    SNGR supports the preservation and growth of our traditional languages. SNGR offers a number of programs in the Cayuga, Mohawk and Onondaga languages, including pre-school, elementary and adult immersion programs. For more information, visit:

    Six Nations Language Commission

  • Governance – Land Rights

    Our current land covers only a small fraction of the land promised under the Treaty of Haldimand. The borders of our reserve are not sufficient for our needs of housing, services, facilities and environment as our community grows, and the cost of land is becoming unaffordable. We are preparing for a land claims court case in October, 2022.

    For more information visit:
    Lands & Resources Department.

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  • Wellbeing – Health

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought heightened needs for SNGR to provide medical, mental and spiritual supports to the members of our community. These supports are integrated our long-standing and ongoing philosophy of integrating Mother Earth, culture and community to help keep our people healthy. Information on our COVID-19 response can be found in our News & Events section. Information on our general health services can be found here.