Coming Together through the Newly Branded SNGR Leisure Guide: Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:rok

Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR) is proud to introduce the new Leisure Guide, called Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:roke. Formerly known as the Health Services Leisure Guide, the newly-branded Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:roke is packed with information about fun-filled events for everyone in your family to enjoy. Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:roke will be released in four increments for each season of the year – Summer (May-August), Fall (September-November), Winter (December-February), Spring (March-May). The first edition is the summer guide, highlighting activities and events from May 1, 2023 to August 30, 2023, over a four month period.

This guide was implemented to better inform community members of upcoming events, activities, special programming, updates, closures, and other important notices from all Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR) departments. It was originally delivered online as a social media campaign. The Communications department has worked closely with Health Services Youth Life Promotions to expand the project to also include a revamped version of the leisure guide that implements the same branding aesthetic as seen on our social media platforms.
Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:roke was chosen as the guide’s name because its translation is, “We will Gather/Come Together.” It promotes togetherness in the Cayuga and Mohawk languages and incorporates our languages into documents and materials available to the community. This is a primary goal of the Communications department, as we know it is integral to the continuance of our culture.

The primary graphic was created so the community can easily identify the project’s materials. It is our hope that community members will begin to familiarize themselves with this graphic and other element that work cohesively to promote what the SNGR’s organization has to offer.

The main imagery for the guide includes centralized simplified figures. A female figure is the focal point because Six Nations is traditionally a matriarchal society. Her male counterparts are to each of her sides, representing support. These figures promote consistency within the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, as they can also be found in Six Nations’ Every Child Matters logo.

The concepts of gathering and togetherness are reinforced by the figures surrounding the outer circle.
An outdoor environment is depicted in the background to coincide with the importance of the natural world depicted in Haudenosaunee values.

If you would like to check out the SNGR Leisure Guide, hard copies are available at Central Administration (1695 Chiefswood Road) or you can view it online at:

“I am happy to announce the first edition of the Ędwadrohe:k/Entewatia’taro:roke (We will gather/come together) Spring/Summer 2023 Leisure Guide. This guide contains an incredible range of events, activities, and resources from Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR) departments and community organizations in the Six Nations Territory,” said Chief Mark B. Hill. “I hope you enjoy all that we have to offer for the spring and summer this year and encourage all community members to learn a new hobby, skill, attend an event, and/or get active in the community. I want to extend a big nia:wen on behalf of Elected Council to the SNGR Communications and Health Services Health Promotions teams for coming together to make this valuable resource, and to all organizations and individuals who provide these opportunities for our community.”

“This guide, once again, will provide everyone with a schedule of planned events, activities, and resources to help you make the most of this time of renewal,” said SNGR CEO Darrin Jamieson. “Nia:wen on behalf of the office of the CEO to SNGR Communications and Six Nations Health Services Health Promotions for coming together to create such an insightful resource guide.”