Learning about Where You Live on the Haldimand Tract through an Immersive Experience with the Six Nations Community and Surrounding Areas

August 28, 2023

OHSWEKEN, ON – The Six Nations of the Grand River is launching a campaign to proudly showcase their significant role in Canada’s history surrounding the Haldimand Tract. This campaign is designed to enhance the awareness and education of the residents living within the boundaries of the Haldimand Tract and its significance to the Six Nations people. This effort is focused on building peace, friendship, and awareness of the relationship between the Crown and the Six Nations people.

On Wednesday, August 30, we will host a Media Conference to launch this great event.
The Media Conference will take place at 1 p.m. at the Six Nations Community Hall (1738 4th Line, Ohsweken, Ontario).

The campaign is an inclusive, family-friendly immersive experience along the Haldimand Tract. Residents of all ages are invited to join in the friendship walk or join us at six Social Gatherings. These gatherings will give the opportunity for people currently living within this historical region to learn about the Haldimand Tract.
In addition, the campaign will coordinate a community-specific event in the Six Nations of the Grand River territory to educate and build awareness among the Six Nations community about the Haldimand Tract and garner their participation and celebration of their history.

The Friendship Walk: The Friendship Walk will be a three (3) day event along the Haldimand Tract. The walkers will walk a total of four to five (4-5) kilometers a day, which includes two (2) stops a day (two (2) kilometers at a time) along the Haldimand Tract towards each Social Gathering.

The Social Gatherings: At various locations along the Haldimand Tract, we will highlight the crucial part Six Nations people played, and continue to play, in shaping the Canada we all enjoy today. The six (6) locations are Fergus, St. Jacobs, Kitchener, Brantford, Cayuga, and Port Maitland.

Six Nations culture will be celebrated through music, educational theatrical performances, and keynote addresses focusing on the tracts’ historical significance, emphasizing the message ‘We live here together.’
A drone show was a part of the Community kick off on August 24th in celebration and educating people on the historical significance of the Haldimand Tract.

Find out more information about the campaign at: www.sixmilesdeep.com.

About Six Nations of the Grand River:
The Six Nations of the Grand River unifies all Haudenosaunee peoples under the Great Tree of Peace. We are currently the only First Nation community that includes all six Haudenosaunee nations. Located along the banks of the Grand River, the Six Nations of the Grand River is the most populous First Nation in Canada (~28,000 members).

We have a long and rich history with Settler Canada, stretching back to the American Revolution when we were allied with the British; in return for our loyalty, we were promised lands under the Treaty of Haldimand. Our current territory is only a fraction of the promised area.

About the Haldimand Tract:
The Haldimand Proclamation is a decree that granted land to the Mohawk Nation and the Six Nations people who served on the British side during the American Revolution. The decree was made on October 25, 1784. The Haldimand Tract consists of six miles deep on either side of the grand river from mouth to source, some 550,000 acres in perpetuity.

Ninety-five percent of this land has been lost. Six Nations wants an account and launched litigation against the Crowns of Canada and Ontario in 1995.
After almost 30 years, the case will go to court in 2024. If you live in the Haldimand Tract, you must know this history.

Moving Forward: Outstanding Lawful Obligations
Since 1995, Six Nations of the Grand River have been in litigation with the Crowns of Canada and Ontario to account for the Crown’s handling of Six Nations’ property before and after Confederation. They seek a comprehensive general account for all money, real property, or other assets belonging to the Six Nations of the Grand River.

Find more information about the SNGR Litigation at: www.sngrlitigation.com or www.sixnations.ca/key-issues/land-rights, www.sixnations.ca/LandsResources/