OHSWEKEN, ON – Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC) congratulates Abram Benedict on his successful campaign to be chosen by the Chiefs of Ontario (COO) in assembly as the new Ontario Regional Chief (ORC).

Yesterday marked an historic and honourable day for ORC Abram Benedict and Haudenosaunee communities everywhere. ORC Benedict is the first Mohawk Chief to hold this title in the 50-year span of the COO Assembly.

The Six Nations Elected Council is especially happy about ORC Benedict’s selection on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. We look forward to continuing our work with the COO office and strengthen our advocacy with ORC Benedict and our brother and sister First Nations.

Sadly, the day of the ORC selection process was forever tarnished. A group of community members, in front of an assembly of just over 100 visiting Chiefs and proxies from across Ontario First Nations, dishonoured our flag by removing it from the floor. This same flag is proudly shared by all Haudenosaunee people and communities. SNGREC stood together, today, to extend a sincere apology to our guests for the disrespect shown to everyone.

“Overall, this was a very successful and productive time for the Chiefs gathered in assembly to advance issues for the betterment of our communities,” Chief Sherri-Lyn Hill said. “Congratulations once again to the newly-chosen ORC Abram Benedict.”

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