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Resolution to Injustices
•   As of May 31, 2004 - 900,000 land acres have been lost to Six Nations for which approximately $2.3 million dollars sits as compensation in a Six Nations Trust Fund.
The Haldimand Treaty of 1784
Whereas His Majesty having been pleased to direct that in consideration of the early attachment to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians and of the loss of their settlement which they thereby sustained - that a ...   View More
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In December, 1984, Six Nations Council reached a tentative agreement with the Federal Government for the unauthorized transfer of the land now being used by the Canadian National Railway, running along the eastern limit of the reserve comprising 80.616 acres. This arose from the Six Nations claim to the Canadian National Railway Right-of-Way in Oneida Township.

A survey of the lands were undertaken and the Six Nations Band Council therefore called for a surrender vote, under section 39 of the Indian Act, of the Bandís interest in the railway lands consisting of 80.616 acres upon the condition of having the 259.171 acres added to the Six Nations Reserve.

Two referendums were held on November 2, 1985 and December 7, 1985. Subsequently, by an Order-in-Council P.C. 1987-687, dated April 2, 1987, the 259.171 acres were added to the Six Nations Indian Reserve No. 40.
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