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Resolution to Injustices
•   As of May 31, 2013 - 900,000 land acres have been lost to Six Nations for which approximately $2.3 million dollars sits as compensation in a Six Nations Trust Fund.
The Haldimand Treaty of 1784
Whereas His Majesty having been pleased to direct that in consideration of the early attachment to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians and of the loss of their settlement which they thereby sustained - that a ...   View More
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An addition to Reserve (ATR) is a parcel of land that is added to the existing land base of a First Nation or is used to create a new reserve. The legal title to the land is set apart for the use and benefit of the First Nation making the application. Land can be added to reserve in rural or urban settings. The ATR Process was created by the Federal Government in 1972 and was revised in 2016. The ATR policy sets out the conditions and issues to be addressed before land can become reserve and attempts to balance the interests of all levels of government (First Nation, Federal, Provincial/Territorial and Local Government). The Policy was created to fill a legislative gap, as ATRs are not addressed in the Indian Act or other Federal Legislation.

For more information on the ATR process and view the Policy, please go to: www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca

Six Nations has acquired the following list of lands located near the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve since the 1990s and these properties have been in the ATR process since that time. These lands are held in trust by local solicitors until the process is complete.

Exempt from Municipal Taxation and Control:Approximate Acreage
Onondaga Township - Part Lot 7, Concession 3 - (aka. Zolaturiuk) 70.0
Onondaga Township - Broken Front Lots 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21,
Concession 3 - (aka. Dyjach)170.9
Oneida Township - Part Lot 6, West of Plank Road (aka. Zwick)142.89
Oneida Township - Part Lot 5, West of Plank Road (aka. Robinson)113.0
Oneida Township - Part Lots 3 & 4, West of Plank Road (aka. Hewer) 96.2

Not exempt from Municipal Taxation:
Oneida Township - Part Lot 10, West of Plank Road (aka. Bungalow).35
Brantford Township 258 Burtch Road (formerly Burtch Correctional Facility)378.0
City of Brantford 431 West Street Property (aka. Fuller) 5.03
Walpole Township Part of Lots 2 and 3, Concession 17 (aka. Sloat) 42.85

Not exempt from Municipal Taxation:
Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve status:.35
Old Highway #54378.0
CNR Settlement 259.171
Eagles Nest (Lot 13 & 14) 56.5
Part Lot 10, West of Plank Road Oneida Township (Oneida Business Park)122.448

Total Lands Acquired for Six Nations 1,458.929 acres
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