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The Haldimand Treaty of 1784
Whereas His Majesty having been pleased to
direct that in consideration of the early attachment
to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians
and of the loss of their settlement which they
thereby sustained - that a convenient tract of
land under his protection should be chosen as a
safe and comfortable retreat for them and others
of the Six Nations, who have either lost their
settlements within the Territory of the American
States, or wish to retire from them to the British
- I have at the earnest desire of many of these
His Majesty's faithful Allies purchased a tract of land from the ...   View More

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  Filed with Specific Claims (29)
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  Historical Dates
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  Land Claims Process - Crown Canada
  Crown’s Trusteeship -
Fiduciary Responsibility of the Crown
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  Outstanding lawful Obligations
– Development of Six Nations Land Rights
  Classifying Crown's Injustices
Inadequacy of Crown Canada's
Claim Policy and Process

  Six Nations of the Grand River
v. Canada and Ontario

  Amended Statement of Claim
- March 7, 1995

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