Central Administration

Central Administration

Central Administration includes all governance aspects of the SNGR community. The SNGR Chief, Council and administrative staff are guided by the best practices of both traditional and modern governance to provide effective direction to our community that is in keeping with our values. Central Administration includes policy, records, communications, finance and human resources.

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Policy – The Policy division carries out research, analysis and public consultation to guide the decisions of Chief and Council on the direction or our community.

Records – The Records department maintains vital statistics, documentation and other archival services.

Communications – The Communications department is mandated to keep SNGR members up to date on band issues and to bring SNGR’s message to the world.

Finance – The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing the coordination of the financial reporting requirements across all Council departments.

Human Resources – The Human Resources Department is dedicated to managing and providing SNGR with effective HR services in a fair, equitable and respectful manner. Our diverse services include hiring, employee benefits, health and safety, and much more.

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Six Nations Central Administration
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